This week I want you to take me to your version of 8:00 -AM or PM, fiction or creative nonfiction- in 200 words or less.

Write On Edge: Red-Writing-Hood
It was 8am and I hadn’t heard anything yet. Maybe she had slept in from the exhaustion of the emotional roller coaster that she was on yesterday. I called the house phone and there was no answer, so I tried my step moms cell and finally an answer. They were still at the hospital waiting is what she told me.

I tried to remain calm and understanding about the situation but with emotions running high it was difficult . How could they forget? Were they busy with an emergency, was it the change of shifts, or were they just plain forgetful? You simply don’t forget to write something on a chart. Regardless, no answer from the hospital would suffice.

I willed the tears to not fall again. Deep breath in and out slowly until I felt better.

After several days of worry yesterday was to be the day we’d get better answers. Healing would begin. But it is held off another day.

Today I will visit my dad in a different hospital and today there will be answers.

Yesterday is over and tomorrow will be a better day.