Wordful Wednesday – The Gypsy Girl

The other day I finally started to pack for BlogHer my girls were there with me helping me figure out what to wear and what not to wear. While sorting through my closet my daughter, Natalie, decided to start pulling out random things and came up with her own little gypsy costume.

Who says that you’re too old to play dress up!!

Gypsy Girl

She pulled out a skirt that I made years ago but have never worn because the fabric was a bit to see through for me and I have yet to find a slip (do they still make those?) that I can wear with it. To add her her ensemble she took a scarf of my, her sisters jewelry, and a head band that she found in her room… gypsy girl outfit was complete.

Gypsy Girl

I think that if we had thought this through a little more we could have found a better place to take a few pictures because the front yard just doesn’t seem to fit the gypsy theme to well. Cars… camper… basketball hoop… well, they’re just not part of the whole gypsy thing. Well, I suppose the camper could be, right?

Gypsy Girl

Anyway, it was fun and she let me take a few pictures of her and she was so kind to just toss the clothes back in my room that I got to put them all away again (did you hear the sarcasm in the last part?).

And because there are some words and pictures and it’s Wednesday I’m linking up with Seven Clown Circus and Dude Mom.