Wordful Wednesday ~ My Epiphanie

For the longest time I coveted those beautiful camera bags that I saw online, but the cost was so high! How could I justify a bag that was almost $200 or even more in some cases? After meeting one in person at Gleek Retreat and then again at Bloggy Bootcamp I know that I had to own one. I had to have an Epiphanie bag.

I added it to my birthday wish list. I added it to my Christmas wish list. I even suggested that a couple go in on it together.

I hinted here and there. Made mention that it was so difficult to carry my camera bag, my purse, and the diaper bag when we went out. But my whining words were not fully heard.

And then… well sadly, I wasn’t able to make it to Blissdom because car trouble and lack of saving sufficiently (my bad). I was heartbroken.

There was something to brighten my day though… I sold my ticket and finally decided that I would spend it on me. Something that would make me happy since I was so sad about not making it to Blissdom.

I bought one.

My very own Epiphanie bag. The days lingered…. they drug on an on… it seemed like a lifetime before it finally arrived.

epiphanie box

It was like Christmas all over again! But the evening that it came was so busy that I wasn’t able to open it right away and it was killing me to get into that awesome box. But when I did…. oh my! I was so excited!

epiphanie - pretty packaging

Just look at it! Look at how much care and thought went into the packaging. A bag within a bag within a bag!

I carefully opened each bag, taking pictures as I did (with my iPhone since I couldn’t be bothered with running to get my DSLR). My kids thought I was a bit crazy but they just don’t understand how exciting this was for me. They didn’t understand how much this one bag would simplify my life!

My Epiphanie

There it is. My Epiphanie. The new love of my life. I must say that my camera is very giddy as well. It’s nestled all safe and warm in the cozy pink interior where it’s protected from bumps & bruises.

My Epiphanie is spacious, full of pockets, and best of all is that it allows me carry one less bag and :::gasp::: in some situations it’s the only bag I carry!

Don’t you want one now?

iPhone Photo Phun