Wordful Wednesday – Curwood Festival

Curwood Festival.

For us it’s the unofficial start of summer.

School is out and it’s the first weekend that the kids can stay up late, ride all the rides they want, eat all the treats they can handle, hang out with friends, and enjoy the fun.

For me, and other parents, it’s a time to watch our kids march in the parades. A time to be so proud of how talented they are and incredible they are.

Floats, bands, Ronald McDonald, and old west gun fights are all part of the parade.


This year all three of my girls were in the parades during Curwood. Lauren marched in the kids parade on Friday evening while Natalie and Caitlin marched in the Heritage parade on Saturday afternoon. All the while Andrew looked on waiting as patiently as a 3 year old could to see his sisters. There is no doubt in my mind that they heard him yelling their names as they marched by.


One of the highlights of the day (aside from getting an elephant ear from my favorite stand) is the performance that the high school marching band puts on after the parade. It’s the last performance that the seniors take part in… this event happens after they’ve graduated too! They all come back to perform and to me that shows pride and dedication to the band that they put so much time and effort into over the past 4 years.


This year my daughter is front and center as one of the TMB majorettes and I made sure that I was in place early so I could be “that mom” to get the perfect pictures of her performing.

It’s been a while since I linked up with Angie from Seven Clown Circus and Amanda from Dude Mom for Wordful Wednesday so that’s what I’m doing today and because I had some great pictures to share with all of you.