Will they remember

What is the earliest birthday party that you remember? How old were you? And what details can you remember from it?

For me it’s my third birthday. But that was so many years ago that it’s amazing that I remember so many of the details about it.

My parents were still married at the time and had invited our entire family to the party. I remember the itchy dress that my mom put me in that day, the ponytails with with fuzzy ribbons that held my hair back, and my family. It was a pretty good day considering I was only three years old.

I don’t remember a lot of decorations or anything like that but I do remember the double layer chocolate cake that my mom made, the three candles that were placed carefully on it, how my parents stood by me as my family sang happy birthday to me, the gifts, and the fact that my cousins told me exactly what they got me.

Before the cake was eaten and the gifts were opened my cousins told me that they got me a brand new pack of crayola crayons and two coloring books. I don’t know why I remember some of these little details but I do and they’re so special to me. They’re memories that I hold on to tightly, never wanting to forget.

So what about my kids? Will they remember their birthdays with the same fondness that I do? Will they look back one day and think about their birthdays and the family, friends, the cake, and the gifts?

I hope that I’ve done everything that I can to make birthdays fun and memorable.

Caits 13th

My oldest daughter had a big bash for her 13th birthday party complete at a hall with balloons, snacks, streamers, and a DJ. Why? Well, because you only turn 13 once in your life and it’s one of those moments that are important… memorable… and special. I’m hoping that for her 16th birthday this year we can do something equally special but I’m having a hard time talking her into doing something.

NatalieEvery year for the girls birthday I let them decide what kind of cake & party they want. For Natalie’s 4th birthday she wanted a chocolate rainbow cake and that is exactly what I made for her. I love looking back at these pictures and seeing how young they were and how much they’ve grown over the years.

Lauren's 4th BirthdayLauren loved Strawberry Shortcake and everything had to be Strawberry Shortcake for her birthday that year! Even her dress was Strawberry Shortcake! What you can’t see is all the other decorations, cupcakes, or the fact that the cake was strawberry too. As I look at this picture I wonder what it is that she wishing for. I’m sure that it had something to do with her gifts or all the things she wanted to do.

What do you do to make birthdays special for your kids?