Why I’m not going to BlogHer10

Ok, so by now most everyone knows that the BlogHer conference is going to be in full swing starting tomorrow and it’s going to be in the exciting, fun filled NYC.

And by now you also know that I won’t be attending. Of course a lot of other people won’t be attending either. And that’s because we’re all to awesome! Because I’m not going I thought that I’d join the BlogHer Pity Party that Life Without Pink (Tina) and Mommy Friend (Lori) are having. I’m positive that it’ll be a lot more fun!

Here are a few reasons that I wish I was going….

1. An excuse to go shopping – before the conference and while there!
2. It’s in NYC
3. My sister lives close in NJ so I could visit her
4. I’d get to meet a lot of bloggers that I love reading
5. Free Swag!
6. Doing something fun with adults instead of my kids
7. Networking

And few why I’m not going…

1. I just started my blog in May – nobody knows who the hell I am!
2. The husband would laugh – see my first reason
3. The kids – if you have some you know why
4. I actually have to go to work 🙁
5. Being scared that I won’t know anyone and will just sit there alone and people watch
6. The trip isn’t cheap!

I’m sure that I could go on and on and on, but you don’t really want to read my lengthy lists, right?

So for now I’ll be at home or at work watching the Tweets fly through the Twittersphere from those attending BlogHer and maybe next year I’ll be more established and have a buddy to go with!

Are you going? Better yet… are you joining the Pity Party?