Why Chelsea J. Handler is Awesome & Needs to be my BFF!

Okay, so for a bit of fun and excitement I got on the bandwagon with the rest of Merry Band of Pranksters that follow the incredible Aunt Becky over at Mommy Wants Vodka.
The goal: pick a person preferably a celebrity (Chelsea J. Handler for me), mention them again and again, and then mention them so more in a post or two on your blog to get to the top of a Google search.
Aunt Becky targeted John C. Mayer firstly because she hates his song; “Your Body is a Wonderland”. And then the curse began…. Read her blog for all the John C. Mayer entertainment!
Why Chelsea J. Handler would want to be my BFF! Why the hell not!! I mean really let’s take a look at some stuff here.
Chelsea J. Handler and I are almost the same age! We grew up in the same era, the awesome 80’s! So we listened to the same music, watched the same TV shows & movies, and wore the same acid washed jeans!
Chelsea J. Handler is freakin’ hilarious! Have you ever watched her? You should. I like entertaining friends and they’re way better than the ones that do nothing or the imaginary ones we all had as kids (don’t lie… we all had ‘em!).
She has her own Wikipedia page that’s full of great info! And we all know that the information on Wikipedia is the truth! Check out Chelsea J. Handler’s page and I bet some day soon there will be a picture of her and I there! I may have to update Chelsea J. Handler’s page soon. I want to make sure people know how awesome my BFF is!
Did ya watch the VMA’s? Yea, I know. I said on Twitter that they’re crap. And they still are. BUT Chelsea J. Handler was the host this year and that was awesome and the best part about it…. She told off that piece of crap, douche bag Perez Hilton when he said her performance was crap.
Here are a few other tidbits as to why we’d be the best friends:
1.    Chelsea J. Handler likes vodka. So do I!
2.    Chelsea J. Handler supports LGBT. So do I!
3.    Chelsea J. Handler got a DUI and had to attend a class. I had to go to a class because of a speeding ticket.
4.    Chelsea J. Handler wrote 3 pretty cool books and I LOVE to read.
5.    Chelsea J. Handler is #4 on The Twitter 20 (HA! Better than you Perez Hilton!). I’m on The Twitter too…. Just not as high up on the list.
6.    Chelsea J. Handler likes Tom’s Shoes. I love ‘em! It’s a great idea so go buy some.
Look! Here’s a great pic of the two of us!
My BFF, Chelsea J. Handler, and I!
Aren’t Chelsea J. Handler and I full of total awesomeness!!