Why blog…

Why did I start a blog? Well, why not! I really did it for me, for something to do, and a way to document the things in my life. My husband asked where I was going to find the extra time for blogging when I don’t have much free time for all my other hobbies. Good question! I don’t have an answer right now.
Every day I learn something new about blogging and I’m grateful for all the information that’s out there! It’s amazing all the different things you can do to your blog, ways to increase readers, using WordPress vs Blogger, and so many other things that could make your head spin!
For now I think I’m happy with what I have and my goal is to have one to two posts a week. If I manage to do more then kudos to me! And as I continue I’ll increase my goals by adding social media buttons, more posts, and more readers. But one thing at a time.