The Plateau…

Well, we’ve hit the half way point of the #iwillrockthis weight loss challenge and I’m nowhere close to my goal weight. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever reach it…

Before I had kids I thought that I was heavy at a whopping 130 – 135 and at 5’8″ that’s a pretty damn good weight and not even close to heavy. I was slim, trim, and not a hint of flab anywhere to be seen. Now, four kids later and a lot of years later time has not been friendly to me… I am heavy now, my arms jiggle and wiggle, my thighs are bigger than my 12 year olds waist, ankles… what are they? This is not how I want to look.

This year marks my last birthday because after this one I am going to quit counting them. Yes, it’s the big 4-0. I want to look awesome for my birthday no matter what I do to celebrate it.

The weight loss challenge started out really great and I was losing weight and then this weeks weigh in came and it was a measly one pound loss. One pound! Not the 2 -3 that I had been losing all along. I was eating right, getting exercise, and making an effort exactly as I should be doing. This past week has been a challenge because so many times I’ve just thought about throwing in the towel and just eating what I wanted.

And now here comes the honest part… I did it. I failed…. fell off the wagon…whatever you want to call it but I ate some tasty food that was full of sugar, fat, and more calories that should be allowed. Afterwards, I felt awful. All bloated and icky… there was a definite difference in how I felt. I was tired from the sugar/carb overload and knew that I shouldn’t have eaten like that.

I think that I’ve hit the dreaded weight loss plateau. You know… that place that you reach and can’t seem to move very far from. I need off of the plateau… but how? Do I jump…. or do I roll off?

I want the weight gone and I want to be slim & trim again.

How do I do it?