The first day……. #22

The first day of school has come and gone without much drama or excitement around here. Honestly, the most difficult part was getting up before the sun around here.

I personally have been looking forward to this day since the 2nd week of summer vacation. Why? Well, summer break is a lot more work than sending the girls off to school every day especially when I have to go to work daily. I have to plan & shop for breakfast, lunch and dinner instead of dinner and cold cereal for breakfast that I get during school.

While I’m at work I have to answer the phone calls from the kids asking what’s for lunch or if I’ll order lunch to be delivered for them, can they go to this friends house or can they come to our house, and a host of other questions throughout the day. This can get tiresome after a while, don’t you think? If you’re unsure trust me… it is.

Now this summer has been a bit different because aside from the normal softball we also had drivers training, band camp and summer homework for AP classes. This equaled a lot of work for my oldest and us since we had to cut back on our vacations in August. I think that it’ll be worth it though.

Every year before we head out to school I drag the kids out and take some pictures for them. This year they added a few fun ones to the mix.


This is Caitlin my oldest and she is now in 10th grade! I know…. I know…. a teenager! But she’s a great kid, does incredible in school, plays sports, is in the band, and this year she’s taking AP classes which are technically college classes (for college credit too). She’s determined and knows what she wants.


Middle girl is Natalie and she started 7th grade this year. She’s following in her sisters footsteps and taking all the advanced classes that they offer. But she doesn’t have that same determination yet and really is a more fun loving, unique, and social type of person. This year she’s going to try cross country… this scares me a bit since she’s not the most graceful child and has the tendency to get hurt rather easily.

Also…. she’s my human stick child and I now know who wears those size 0 tall jeans I’ve seen in the store. Yup… my kid.


And finally we have the big 4th grader, Lauren. She’s my big talker…. like she never stops. As a matter of fact I think that she may talk in her sleep. But it’s ok because she’s cute! I mean just look at her! Everyone is her best friend and there isn’t a mean bone in that little girls body… she is friends with everyone that she meets.

So there you have it… a recap of our first day of school or our 22nd if you add up all the first days we’ve had over the years. It’s the start of another busy and exciting school year that I am looking forward to.

Are you looking forward to the school year? How was your first day of school?