The best holiday cards ever… at Minted

Okay… Okay… I’ll admit it. I have not ordered my holiday cards yet which means that I won’t be sending them out until next week at the earliest.

There are a couple reasons why… you can be the judge of whether they’re good reasons or not.

First of all, I haven’t reviewed our family pictures yet (that will happen this week) so I don’t know what picture I’ll be using and I have gone through an entire year worth of pictures. There was not a single decent picture at all. Not one… and you’d think I’d have one or two but in every single picture one of the kids is making an odd face or something.  Second, I haven’t found a card that I have been able to fully customize to my liking. You see we’re a blended family and it just doesn’t seem right creating a card with just one last name. Most  websites have you input a last name as part of the cards customization and if you leave it blank what shows up is the letter “S”… not exactly what I wanted.  Oh… and lastly… I rarely ever do anything on time. I am the worlds best procrastinator.

Just recently I found out about Minted. I have no idea how I’d never heard of them before! Seriously, they have the most incredible selection of holiday cards and the options that they have to customize your card is pretty much endless.

Check out this one that I customized without any names whatsoever! I’m sure that I could have tried to add all of our names individually but I did something more generic with the text and then I changed it from the traditional rectangle shape to something a bit more fun. This is one of my can’t find a good family picture options!


If we have a totally awesome family picture this year I picked a few other options for our holiday cards.

Both of these are customizable… I can change the text & color of it at the bottom of both cards as well as the shape. So, tell me which one is your favorite?


warm wishes

I really can’t decide which one I like the best and don’t even get me started on the rest of the card! Why do you ask? Well, you can customize the back of the card with text and more pictures or even something more cool like an infographic! And then there are the envelopes which can also be customized after you finally decide which one you want.

I’m worried now that I have the most amazing site to create my holiday cards that it’ll take me so long to really decide what I want that it will be to late to send them!

Have you heard of Minted? Have you sent out your holiday cards yet? 


I was compensated for this post with some gift code to get some awesome holiday cards to send out. As always though the thoughts and opinions are all mine.