A friend who shines

Once in a while you find someone who you just click with. Someone who becomes a close friend, someone you admire, someone you know you can talk to anytime about anything, and someone you trust.

True friends are one in a million and we’re lucky when we find someone like that.

I have such a friend and you know what… I’ve never met her in real life! We met through blogging and twitter and connected somehow. We talk on Facebook, Twitter, email, and text almost every single day and when we don’t I wonder if everything is okay. You can’t say that online friends aren’t real friends… I would whole heartedly disagree and I know that many others would too.

She is an amazing person. She truly is someone who shines!

Jill is a single mom and she has done everything she can to make sure that her kids have everything that they could ever need or want in life. She fights for them, supports them, and teaches them love, respect, and honesty. She is the mom of three amazing boys and is doing a great job with them.

Aside from being an awesome mom she also works full time, manages a very successful blog, and still has time for friends, family, and herself (once in a while).

Single Mom on a Budget

Jill shines… she stands out as a single mom and a friend. I know that I can count on her no matter what is going on.

Take a few minutes and vote for Jill as a Yahoo’s Women who Shine. She truly deserves it.

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