The week in review

Well, it has been one interesting week that’s for sure! It started off with a really crappy Monday… I mean this was worse than any other Monday ever. But the week did get better as it progressed and Thursday was my Friday!

Yes, 3 day weekend people. Of course it will be busy because my sister in law is getting married on Saturday and there is all sorts of stuff that needs to get done to pull it off. I should mention that all 3 of my girls are in it, my husband is in it, and that leaves me & the toddler. Oh.. pants are okay to wear to a wedding, right? I sure hope so because of all the weight on lost on the awesome Cinch program none of my dresses fit and of course I waited till the last minute to try them on, but it is easier to chase a toddler in pants!

Just in case you missed some of my amazing…. not so amazing… and tear inducing posts this week I’ll give you a bit of a recap!

Monday I brought back the Monday Menu! I actually have recipes sitting in draft form waiting to be finished and posted so it should be around for a couple more weeks.

Tuesday I shared a post that was forĀ Wordful Wednesday and I had to share a bit about our weekend trip to the Lego KidsFest. Seriously, check to see if it’s coming to your town and go!

Wednesday was a short post because I was sharing my letter with everyone at Letters for Lucas.

Thursday I had two posts because I forgot about a book review that was due… oops. One was a fun Halloween craft and the other was a racy book review.

That’s my week in review. Nothing spectacular really.

I hope you all had a great week and I’ll see you Monday!