VlogTalk: The Song


This week for VlogTalk I totally stole borrowed an idea from Mama Wants This that she told me about the other evening during VlogChat. And I thought to myself that it would be perfect thing for my vlog this week!

So this week I’m sharing a song that best describes my early 20s/college years. Way back then I was into the grunge scene and clad in my flannel shirts and what not but unlike the clothing trends the music has stuck with me all these years.

Here it is my cheater style vlog complete with one of my favorite songs of the 90’s.

Also… I worked from home today and have yet to get dressed. You don’t need to see me like this… it could shatter all thoughts you have of how great I am.

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Welcome back to another installment of Vlogtalk! If you’re watching again that means I didn’t scare you off before! Yay!

So I thought about doing a blooper reel and then I remembered oh yea… I delete those! Why… well so I don’t embarrass my self more than necessary. Good idea, right?