Diary of a Submissive ~ A book review

Diary of a Submissive has been called a real “Fifty Shades of Grey”…. a true story of Sophie Morgan (not her real name of course) and her journey through sexual exploration and into a relationship with her very own “Christian Grey”.


It was interesting to hear the story from a real person, from someone who is just like the person sitting next to you on the bus, or even on the playground bench watching their kids play with yours. Sophie comes from a completely normal family like most of us, she wasn’t abused. She didn’t have a hard life growing up, her parents are still happily married and she’s still on very good terms with them. So what would cause someone to want to be dominated and forced to do some humiliating and sometimes painful just for pleasure in the end.

I’ve read a similar book series written by Anne Rice and while reading that I couldn’t believe that people would actually do that. I knew that people did odd/strange things but the book was fiction, right? It wasn’t until Diary of a Submissive that I realized it was real… there are people out there who really enjoy this type of lifestyle.

I will say that this book is open, honest, and detailed enough to cause you to blush if you’re not used to reading books of this nature. Sophie goes into great detail about her experiences, what she likes, what she has done, and how she felt the entire time while doing it… definitely graphic at times and possibly not for everyone.

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