Simply Bags

Every year when the girls go back to school there are lists and lists of supplies that we have to get. And then of course there are the things that we don’t really ‘need’ like the special pencils, the new Sharpie pens, and of course a new backpack even though the one from last year is perfectly fine.

Yes, I cave in. More often than I should.

I was pretty lucky when Simply Bags contacted me about checking out one of their bags!

I was a little hesitant because there are backpacks out there that are cheaply made and don’t usually make it through the school year. More often than not what happens is the zipper breaks or the sides rip.

When I got the backpack I was really impressed with it! It was really well made, the fabric was heavy, and there were a lot of pockets to hold all of my daughters little things she smuggles to school.

I love the embroidery!

the backpack

Honestly… I want to check out some of the other bags now!

So, I figured that since I don’t use the backpack on a daily basis I’d ask my daughter to write something about what she thinks of the backpack.

Lauren’s Thoughts….

Lauren & her bag

I think that my new backpack is really cool! It’s creative and the color green is one of my favorites. I also like pink so it’s an awesome choice.

I just love the backpack and all of my friends do too. Thank you.

Well, there you have it!

Take a few moments and check out them out on their webpage, Facebook, and of course Twitter!