I’m back….

So if you haven’t noticed I’ve been gone… I didn’t plan on taking the holiday season off from blogging but I got lazy.

On top of the laziness there was the holidays and we can’t forget the unforgettable illness that had it’s death grip on 4 out of 6 of us in my house. To make it more fun the toddler got sick and then a few days later I got sick.. oh the joy!

Worst. Holiday. Ever.

So, the holidays are done (yay!), I’m back to work (boo!), and looking forward to a great year of blogging and social media (yay!).

Want to know how I know the holidays are done? Well, my tree told me.

fallen tree

As I lay on the couch dying a slow, painful death the tree fell over all by itself.  I must say that it did add a bit of comic relief for that day…

Things we learned:

  • Our tree wasn’t wearing it’s life alert bracelet.
  • Our tree fell… and couldn’t get back up.
  • Our tree shed worst the furriest animal ever.
  • The tree falling over, you being sick, and helpful kids gets the ornaments put away fast with no help from you other than giving directions from the couch. #awesome
Anyway, I’m back.
Oh and that’s all you’ll probably see from me as far as a holiday wrap up.