The End is Near ~ Save Our Subscriptions

As you may have heard Google Friend Connect is going away for all of us using WordPress. Now, if you’re using Blogger there is no need to worry… you can still use it. But the rest of us need to Save our Subscriptions!

Save our Subscriptions

Back in November Google announced that they were discontinuing several of their products, Google Friend Connect being one of them.

Google Friend Connect—Friend Connect allows webmasters to add social features to their sites by embedding a few snippets of code. We’re retiring the service for all non-Blogger sites on March 1, 2012. We encourage affected sites to create a Google+ page and place a Google+ badge on their site so they can bring their community of followers to Google+ and use new features like Circles and Hangouts to keep in touch.

The end is near…. March 1, 2012 as a matter of fact and for many of us that means that we’ll be losing hundreds of followers and that we need to find other ways for them to follow our blogs.

So what are your options?

RSS – This is my favorite option because then all of your favorite blogs will be in your reader and you can read right from there. You can click on a link and it will take you to the post you were reading and then you can leave wonderful, heartfelt comments. Subscribe to With Just a Bit of Magic here.

Facebook -This is another good option where you can follow all of the blog updates as well as see some other great posts that I share from other bloggers. Like me here!

Google+ -This is Google’s preferred method for following blogs. With Just a Bit of Magic does have it’s own Google+ page but it’s not updated with every post but please feel free to add me to your circles! This is where you can find me…. right here.

Twitter -Now who doesn’t love Twitter? It’s one of the best ways to engage with your friends, meeting new ones, and share information. You can find me there just about every day. Follow me.

Email – You can find me in your email inbox a few times a week! Now wouldn’t that be great! Fill out the form below and you will get posts from With Just a Bit of Magic delivered to you…. almost like magic!

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Oh… you can also find me on another addiction, Pinterest. Or even Instagram.

I also have a Tumblr blog too where you can check out a day in my life! Follow that here!

Please make sure to pick one of the many choices to follow your favorite blogs before March 1st. You wouldn’t want to miss out on anything great!

Have you subscribed to your favorite blogs yet?