Messy bedrooms, finding fun, and BabbaBox

Well, the holidays are almost behind us and that means things will start to slow down and get back to normal. Hopefully… right?

I know that I’m looking to things being back to normal, of course that means I have to go back to work after having 11 days off. I could get used to this staying at home thing… seriously! My house is cleaner than it normally is and I actually found the floor in my bedroom! I suffer from messy bedroom syndrome… it’s a terrible affliction.

I have a goal to keep my room clean and rid myself of my affliction. Call it a New Years Resolution if you will even though I always fail at those. Goal is better don’t you think? A side effect is that now I can say that kids have to clean their rooms perfectly since I did and they can’t remind me that my room is a mess!

So what do we do once we’ve met the no more messy rooms goal? Isn’t there something more fun to do? Silly question, right. There is always something better to do than clean your bedroom.

I’ll admit that there are times that I simply can’t find something fun and entertaining to do that all of my kids will enjoy. Whether it’s an outing or a craft it can be a challenge because of the age differences. Teens and toddlers don’t always have the same interests when it comes to a fun activity.

I recently found out about BabbaBox and think that this might just be the thing I need. It’s centered on timely themes and all of the materials are delivered right to my door so I can focus on spending more time with my kids and less time trying to figure out something fun to do. The monthly subscription to BabbaBox includes four major parts to help engage everyone and have fun.

CREATE – 2 to 3 projects kids do with their hands. With all of the materials included!
EXPLORE – A theme-based product where your child will engage with the world & nature.
STORY TELL – Books to stimulate your kids’ imaginations
CONNECT – Interactive learning with prepaid downloads approved by BabbaCo experts

January’s BabbaBox is centered around getting organized (think they’lll help with messy bedrooms?) and features a partnership with Real Simple and ThredUP.


January BabbaBox

Transform all of that post-holiday organization into fun, memorable time with your kids! Plus teaching kids about organization encourages ownership and independence – important qualities as they develop self-esteem and confidence.

First, you’ll CREATE a way to both organize and showcase all that kid artwork you have piled up in the corner! The end result is a beautiful clothesline art gallery that both you and your children can proudly display.

Then you’ll help your child CREATE his/her own art supply organizer! We even get them finger-painting with this project!

For the EXPLORE component, we give you an amazing tool for organizing your kids’ clothes and cleaning out that closet. We’ve partnered with a company called thredUP so that you will actually be able to get money in exchange for your kids’ old clothes. We also give you kid-friendly drawer labels to encourage your kids to take out and put away their own clothes.

The book for January features the beloved characters from Max and Ruby. (Max Cleans Up by Rosemary Wells.)

Your kids will love the Toca House app, where they help cute characters clean up their house.

And finally, we’ve included a special something for grown-ups – we partnered with Real Simple to give you a great guide for de-cluttering your life, as well as a little token from Jessica Kim.

I don’t think that this little box of fun will help keep our bedrooms clean and mess free, but it could help spark some ideas to help me keep things more organized around my house.

Please tell me that I’m not alone with the messy bedroom thing….

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This article is sponsored by BabbaCo… but all opinion, messy bedrooms, failed New Year’s Resolutions, and goals reached are my own.