Holiday Shopping – Choosing Between a Notebook and a Tablet

With holiday shopping having started so early this year many people are scouring the internet for some of the best deal on electronics, games, all sorts of toys and my guess is that many of them will buying them on Cyber Monday.

Choosing Between a Notebook and a Tablet


There is no denying that technology is a wonderful thing. You can now keep in touch with friends and family while traveling, do some work during your daily commute, watch your favorite TV shows on your mobile phone, and even do your weekly shopping without needing to leave the couch.

Technology is all about convenience. You may remember when the first laptops appeared on the market, transforming personal computing and allowing people to be much more mobile. Over time, and as per consumer demand, laptops became more compact and lighter, and just when you thought you had seen everything, tablets made their grand entrance.

According to the latest data, more than 190 million tablets will be sold during 2013. Tablet specifications are now at pretty much the same level of the best lightweight notebook computer, so it is not surprising that they are as popular as the best-selling Acer laptops. If you are having trouble deciding between a laptop and tablet, keep in mind the following considerations.

Benefits of owning a laptop

Traditionally, laptops have been considered work tools. Laptops have higher storage capacities than tablets, so if you use your computer daily and need to store large amounts of files, a laptop might be right for you. Because of their design, laptops are also sturdier than tablets, so they are a good choice for business people who are always on the move. Students may also benefit from having a laptop rather than a tablet, as it is much easier to switch between screens when doing research and to type your assignments on a laptop. A laptop might also be the best choice for professionals who work with images or specific software, such as graphic designers or architects.

Who should buy a tablet?


The main thing to bear in mind is that tablets are not intended to replace laptops. They are designed for different purposes and are ideal for people that need to be extremely mobile. Generally speaking, tablets are mostly created for recreational use, you may want to buy a tablet if you are going on holiday and need internet access on a lightweight device where you can read books, play your favorite games, or watch movies. However, keep in mind that the performance and processing power of tablets is limited, so if you are a hardcore gamer, you are better off buying a laptop.

Are you looking for a laptop, tablet or full size computer this year for someone on your list? How will you decide which one to get?

Special thanks to Elma Humpries for guest posting for me today while I recover from my turkey & sugar coma at work.