The A to Z of me – Old School Blogging

I am so far behind and the funny thing is that I have no idea how I got here. Blog feed… over 400 entries to get through… 5 Facebook groups I’ve barely been stalking and need to actually take part in… Twitter… eh, very few actually chat there anymore.

Regardless of the weekend was great! And I think that it was worth getting a little behind because I was able to spend time with my family and really enjoy it. When was the last time that you really unplugged and had a great weekend?

So to make things a little easier for me and because I love this meme it’s time for some fun blogging… old school style with Elaine from The Mis-Elaine-ous Life! You know a meme couldn’t get any easier than this too because it’s only once a month and you just have to follow the prompt which is usually just a series of questions. Come on… you know you want to join in.

Alphabet Meme

A. Attached or Single? Married… attached… and happily so.

B. Best Friend? My sister is my best friend. There is rarely a day that goes by that we don’t talk to one another… IM (yes, we still use it), text, or actually talking on the phone. I just wish that we lived closer together.

C. Cake or pie? Hmm… I will have to say both. Cake is awesome. Pie is awesome. I even think that someone on Food Network combined the two together once.

D. Day of choice? The one where I get to do what I want all day long.

E. Essential Item? Silly question… my iphone.

F. Favorite color? Lately I’ve been on this kelly green kick. I just love the color!

G. Gummy bears or worms? Sour worms or bears. Mmm…

H. Hometown? I grew up in Lapeer, Michigan but now call Owosso, Michigan my home.

I. Favorite Indulgence? I have several most of which I don’t get to indulge on because it’s something that is incredibly full of calories, I lack the time, or money.

J. January or July? July. January sucks here in Michigan. July can be hot and humid but at least there is the beach, pool, and A/C to help with that. January… it’s cold, gray, frozen, and unless you like being out in all that snow there isn’t much to do.

K. Kids? Duh…. 4 kids. Three girls (17, 13, 11) and one boy (3).

L. Life isn’t complete without? My family, friends, Diet Coke, and my iphone.

M. Marriage date? 05/19/07

N. Number of brothers/sisters? I have one of each.

O. Oranges or Apples. Apples. Especially in the fall when all the farmers markets and orchards have fresh apples.

P. Phobias? Lice… need I say more?

Q. Quotes? I like quotes. I don’t know that I have a favorite one though or one that sticks out in my head. I will say that my sister always says, “it is what it is” and I find myself using it, but it really is true.

R. Reasons to smile? I don’t think that anyone needs a reason to smile. Just do it… it makes people wonder what you’re up to. LOL!

S. Season of choice? Fall. It’s still a bit warm, the breeze is just starting to get a chill to it, the air smells of crisp leaves, fall bon fires, and the colors. Oh, the colors are beautiful around here.

T. Tag 5 People. Jill, Jessica, Wendy, Emmy, Kmama

U. Unknown fact about me? Well, if I tell you then it won’t be unknown will it?

V. Vegetable? Yes. I like them a lot… except mushrooms and olives. My favorite is cucumbers with a little bit of seasoned salt on them.

W. Worst habit? Cracking my neck.

X. Xray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound. I always loved going to get an ultrasound when I was pregnant and getting to see my babies. Except that one time… that sucked.

Y. Your favorite food? All of it. Except mushrooms and olives, but I said that already…. and liver. They’re disgusting. Mostly sweets though. I really like dessert!

Z. Zodiac sign? Libra

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