Free Books for Michigan Students!

Reading is such an important skill… actually it really is required to be able to function in our daily lives. What’s sad is that many families can’t afford to buy books but this new program from Michigan Friends of Education helps with that and provides free books for Michigan students!

I love reading and always have. Getting lost in a book for hours while curled up on the couch is one of my favorite things to do. It’s so easy to get pulled into a story and let your imagination run wild with picturing everything that the author is saying. Reading can take you on journeys around the world and into places that we have never imagined.

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This new program is incredible and makes it possible for all kids to get immersed in reading and going on those magical journeys through books. I am happy that I can share this info with you and hope that you’ll in turn share it with others as well. is all set to offer their free book program to all students from Michigan who either struggle to read or cannot afford to buy new books!

Michigan Friends of Education (MFE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the community, especially for Michigan families who cannot afford to buy books for their children. The new book program makes it possible for families to get books for free. MFE believes that every child deserves an opportunity to learn, grow and fulfill their dreams. Therefore, this program is focused towards helping kids who struggle with reading or want to improve their reading skills.

“We worked closely with a variety of publishers and booksellers to make this program available to Michigan families,” said Menachem Kniespeck, president  & CEO of MFE. “The response from families has been overwhelmingly positive. Our volunteers are working extra shifts to quickly get books into the hands of thousands of kids.”

How to get books for free from

The books are free of charge and families may select as many as 14 books per order. Families are only responsible for the shipping charges along with a nominal handling fee of just $2. The shipping cost depends upon the total weight of books, packaging and package size.

Who is eligible for the Free Book Program?

Anybody residing in Michigan is eligible for this program. There are no income qualifications; however, families grappling with household finances, or those who have struggling school-aged readers, are encouraged to visit the site.

What kinds of books are available?

The free book program has a mix of chapter books, leveled-readers ,study aids, and activity books at all grade levels. The inventory changes frequently as new books arrive on a regular basis.


Those wishing to make a contribution towards the Michigan community and make the future better for the kids can visit the site.

For more information about Michigan Friends of Education, visit


Michigan Friends of Education is a nonprofit organization that is committed to helping students from Michigan excel in school and beyond. And for this purpose, we are running a free book program which has received quite a good response from the community. Our aim is to reach out the more than 700,000 kids in Michigan living in poverty.

Disclosure: I wasn’t given anything in return for this post but fully believe that reading is vitally important. All thoughts and opinions are my own.