Hey! Guess what… #EllenMovesTo3pm

For the past few years my girls have gone to their grandma’s house after school and then when I get out of work I pick them up. But here’s the problem…. I get there and they’re totally engrossed in the television. Why? Because Ellen is on and they LOVE her show.

There were days where I’d have to sit down and be quiet until the part that they were watching was done or until a commercial break. Other times they’d ask, ‘why are you here already? Don’t you have some shopping to do or something?’. Nothing like feeling loved….

Honestly, I don’t mind them watching Ellen because she has such a very positive energy to her show … she’s funny, has an engaged audience, and most of all we can’t forget the dancing. More important than all that is that she doesn’t have some crazy lady yelling at her supposed baby daddy with the audience cheering the fight on.

Okay, so now the girls can get their fill of Ellen without interruption from me because Ellen is moving to 3pm! I know that they’ll be counting down the days until her 3pm premier on Local 4.


You should watch Ellen… because I said so… and because it’s a great way to stay “in the know” on pop culture, movies, books, music, fashion, celebs, and tech/social media. And we all need to know what’s going on in the world around us!

Here’s a few outtakes from Ellen’s commercial on Local 4… they’re pretty entertaining.

So now my kids will be happy that they can watch all of Ellen  and I’ll once again feel loved. I should be thanking Ellen!

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