Weight Loss Tips, Myths, and Pointers with Shaklee!

No. No, they’re not from me! I only have a few and they’re things that most all of us already know and should follow anyway. You know… things like drink lots of water, count your calories, cut back on the sweets, processed foods, and fast foods.

But there is so much more and if you’re just starting your weight loss journey or have been on the road for a while now then join Dr. Jamie McManus and Pam Riggs from Shaklee will be holding a live chat. On Monday, October 1st at 2pm EST they’ll be helping to dispel myths, give you some great tips to help with your weight loss, and of course answering any questions that you might have about the Cinch weight loss program.


So who is Dr. Jamie McManus? Here’s her bio from Shaklee.

Chair of Medical Affairs, Health Science, & Education
Dr. Jamie McManus is an acclaimed author, board-certified family physician, and highly regarded educational speaker who has been featured in numerous radio and television shows. She is responsible for ensuring best practices in clinical research, scientific design, product development, and product messaging. A longtime advocate of preventative medicine, Dr. McManus is most passionate about inspiring others to take charge of their health through simple lifestyle changes and proper nutrition. In her downtime, she enjoys running, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, and playing with her 3-year-old granddaughter.
She doesn’t go a day without taking her Shaklee products, starting her day with a Cinch® Shake and Shaklee Vitalizer™.

Oh, and Pam Riggs? She’s been there for us on the Cinch program to answer any questions or concerns that we might have. Here’s her bio from Shaklee as well.

Pamela Riggs has been a registered dietitian for Shaklee for 15 years and counting. With her extensive, up-to-date knowledge in clinical nutrition and public health, she provides valuable expertise for product formulations and the production of health-communication pieces to ensure scientifically accurate, informative and responsible messaging. When she’s not on the road educating others about the value of good nutrition and wise supplementation, this long-time runner enjoys pounding the pavement in her running shoes, experimenting with healthful recipes, and racing around the neighborhood with her husband on their cruiser bikes. And when she’s on the go, she says her go-to Shaklee products are the Cinch® Meal-in-a-Bars and the Cinch® Snack Bars. “You’ll find them in my pantry, in my purse, in my car, in my luggage, and in my desk drawers,” she says.

Join us Monday, October 1st at 2pm EST for some great information!

Discussion topics and questions {ask questions live too}:

·         Why do ordinary diets fail?
·         What makes the Cinch plan different and what is leucine?
·         Common weight loss mistakes or myths.
·         How to help cravings and emotional eating.
·         How much water and exercise is enough.
·         Does sleep play a part in healthy weight loss?
·         What is a safe weight loss a person should see on a weekly basis?

Oh, did I mention that there are giveaways too?

cinch starter kit

We will randomly draw 2 participants to win a Cinch Starter Kit with$228 value!! Details on how to enter for the giveaway during the live chat will follow.

Here’s the how to…

Shaklee Ustream Channel or Shaklee Facebook Ustream Tab

I hope that you’ll join us for a great chat!


Update!! If you missed the live chat yesterday you can see it now.. Look below!