Listable Life ~ 5 Moments

5 moments that I would live over again… Only 5?!?!? There are so many moments that I would live over agan in my life simply because they’re some of the best times in my life and other times I would live them over just so I could do something a little different but not change it completely since those moments are ones that have led me to where I am today.

So my 5 moments…and these are in no particular order.

  • The birth of my oldest daughter, Caitlin. I was so young when I had her, a mere 23 years old. I had no clue what I was doing or how much my life would change when they handed me the most beautiful baby ever. That moment was one I will never forget…. so such a sweet face. So round, soft, and perfect in every way. Pure love and adoration overwhelmed me as I held her and it was like there was no one else in that room but the two of us.


  • The birth of my second daughter, Natalie. When you’re pregnant you’re always worried about your water breaking and how will you know if it happens. Well, with her I found out rather easily. While chatting on the phone with my mother in law I suddenly felt a gush of warm water that just didn’t stop. There was no denying what it was and within 3 hours I had given birth to another perfect little girl. No drugs, no IV yet, and I wasn’t even checked into the hospital at the time. It was probably the fastest and easiest birth in the world!


  • The birth of my third daughter, Lauren. Lauren was born with a full head of dark hair… so much that we could pull it into a little barrette. She was a beautiful chubby little girl with dark hair and the brightest blue eyes you’ve ever seen and was loved & admired by all who saw her.


  • The birth of my one and only son, Andrew. The moment I found out that I was pregnant the constant worry and concern started and barely let up until the day that I gave birth to him. Most of us worry while pregnant but after suffering two miscarriages before him every worry was intensified by ten fold. As soon as they handed me that little boy  every fear left my body and was replaced with love.


  • Ahh… last but not least. As you probably all know or have figured out at some point or another I was married and went through a divorce and am now remarried. My last memorable moment is the day that my husband proposed to me. There was a little cafe next to where we worked and he had talked to the owner and had it all set up with dim lights, red rose petals scattered across the entry way, signs on the walls, and then a huge bouquet of red roses on a table where he stood waiting for me. Down on one knee with close friends in attendance he asked me to marry him. It was so romantic and a moment in my life that I will never forget.


What are a couple moments in your life that you would live over again?

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Listable Life – 10 things

I happened upon a post from Nicole over at Moments that Define my Life and that tab has been open ever since. Yes, I did it on purpose… it was a reminder so I could take part in her meme, A Listable Life. Then I forgot life happened, but I was quickly reminded and with a free moment or two I decided to go through with my idea for one of her prompts.

10 Things I’d Rather Do Besides Chores. Easy right? I mean who really likes doing chores? So creating a list with things I’d rather do easy… as a matter of fact I could probably come up with more than 10.

  1. Watch paint dry – Yes, you read that right. Staring at the wall while sitting on the couch is better than cleaning.
  2. Sleep – A nap any time of the day is just about perfect
  3. Bake – I love to bake and although it does lead to more work in the end it does provide a bit of distraction for a while.
  4. Write – If I had a free day (go ahead & laugh we all know it won’t happen) I could spend the day writing post after post and be so far ahead that I would have even more free time!
  5. Play a game – If I didn’t have chores to do around the house I could actually spend more quality time with my kids. Of course that implies that they’d remember me since I’m always busy with work or chores.
  6. Exercise – Go ahead and laugh. You’re right… I won’t do that.
  7. Read – Oh, how I love to read. I have shelves of books…. books I’ve read, books I haven’t read, books that I love so much, and others that are just okay.
  8. Scrapbook – I have a ton of scrapbook stuff and it seems that I never have the time to use it! It’s something that requires a couple of hours of time where I can sit and be creative.
  9. Use my camera – I love my DSLR. I really do… but I have yet to spend some quality time with it to figure out all the settings and what they do and the best uses for all the features.
  10. Shop – New clothes and shoes are always necessary. Right?
  11. Watch movies – Only the ones that are my absolute favorites though.
  12. Prepare for my American Idol audition – Let me tell you…. I sound so awesome in the car when I sing that I will sound even better in person. I just have to have the music playing in the background kind of loud. Think that will be a problem for them?

Alright, so I went over. I told you that I could come up with more than 10!

So what would you do instead of chores?