40 Before 40

I’m a little late to the game with this 40 before 40 thing. I mean I thought about it once in a while when I’d see other similar posts but then it would slip my mind until another post crossed my path. I mean the lists are supposed to be all the great things you want to do in your life… maybe they should be started when you turn 20 or something. Hmm… I’m not sure that the internet was around when I was 20… that means I wouldn’t have seen all those other lists.


My 40th birthday is less than 30 days away so even if I came up with a lame list and tried to do one thing a day I still couldn’t complete it because I don’t have that much time.

Instead here’s my list of 40 things to do before I turn 40 years old but made the list less than a month before my birthday so we’ll just pretend that I’m going to do a couple.

  1. Take a real vacation… you know to some place overseas. Some place beautiful and full of history.
  2. Take more risks and stop being so careful about everything.
  3. Open my own business
  4. Go to the Art Institute and become a pastry chef
  5. Figure out how to crochet something other than a really long chain
  6. Get over my fear of public speaking & vlogging
  7. Shopping spree in NYC
  8. Look hot in a bikini
  9. Write – not just here but fiction. Good fiction that will be published.
  10. Learn to swing dance
  11. Travel the US and visit historic places, Grand Canyon, Red Woods, etc
  12. Quit my job
  13. Do yoga at least once a week
  14. Redecorate my house to look like a magazine (HA… never will happen w/kids!)
  15. See a play/musical on broadway
  16. Get my bachelor degree
  17. Think about getting my masters
  18. Run a 5k without thinking I’ll die after the first 5 minutes of it
  19. Landscape my yard to look like a magazine (hmm… yard of clay… this may need to go on another list)
  20. Ride my bike for 10+ miles non stop
  21. Run for some sort of political office
  22. Take a zumba class (now this wouldn’t be a big deal but I did Wii zumba & I looked like a flaying fool & doing that w/others is HUGE)
  23. Go whale watching
  24. Spend a week on the east coast.. Maine or some place like that. I’m thinking beach house.
  25. Spend Halloween week in Salem
  26. Have a real plan on how to pay for college for my kids
  27. Learn a new language… I think French or Italian would be nice.
  28. See the Aurora Borealis
  29. Send birthday carda & thank you cards on time
  30. Don’t make anymore lists because they take to long and you know you won’t do them
I can’t even come up with 40 things to do! Maybe I’ll make this the things to do before I die list and then I’ll have more time to finish a couple of them.
Do you have a bucket list or just a list of things that you want to do before a certain date?