The post with no point or me whining about BlogHer

So I pondered what to write about today and my mind was a total blank for some reason. Not a single idea…. not one.

Then I went to Twitter for inspiration and there it was… BlogHer.

So as you may or may not know right now one of the biggest and most talked about conferences of the entire year is happening as you read this.

Oh… and I’m not there. Again. Maybe, just maybe one of these days I’ll figure out a way to get there. Instead I’ll be home this weekend minus the husband (another motorcycle trip) with the teen & toddler.

At the park

I pushed him twice and then he decided that he liked the other swing better

I’ve decided to make a list of all the great things I’m going to be doing while everyone else is networking, meeting new people, and learning all sorts of awesome things.

1. Laundry. Yes, it is freakin’ exciting doing laundry.
2. Chasing the toddler around the park on a sunny, 90 degree day.
3. Figuring out what the teen wants to do. I know… I know… this one will never happen.
4. Watching the Cooking Channel. I like to live vicariously through all my favorite stars who get to eat sinful treats while I’m on a diet.
5. Channel surfing. Because eventually there will be something on the Cooking Channel that I don’t like.
6. Stalking Checking out all the great Tweets from everyone at BlogHer.
7. Same as above but on Instagram.
8. I may look at that Pinterest thing… it’s possible that it hasn’t been inundated with everything BlogHer related.
9. Go for a walk. Sounds lame doesn’t it…. try it with a toddler and it’s much more interesting. Want double the fun? Add in a teen!
10. Pout & whine. Why… because I’m home and not at BlogHer.

a toddler & a teen

The toddler & the teen playing together at the park

On the plus side I don’t have to get dressed up, put makeup on, do my hair, or anything like that! I can laze around in my pj’s all day and eventually shower during nap time and then just throw on something halfway decent looking.

What about you? Are you living it up at BlogHer or are you at home like me?