The New & Improved Hallmark Rewards!

I love Hallmark cards. Honestly, I love all cards and was really sad when the two local Hallmark stores closed. Even more sad was that I wasn’t able to quickly run in and grab a cute card or gift for someone or collect more reward points. I was stuck with the cards that were at the grocery stores…. yea, sometimes they had Hallmark cards but I didn’t get the Hallmark Rewards for them.

Hallmark Rewards

Well, now that has all changed! Now the Hallmark Card Rewards lets you earn a reward for every five Hallmark cards you buy, whether you buy them at Hallmark Gold Crown stores or more than 40,000 grocery and drug stores and supercenters across the U.S.  Rewards include gift cards, discounts, dollars off, and reward partners like Land’s End, Applebee’s, Omaha Steaks and Cherry Moon Farms.

5 cards = reward

Oh, and to make this even easier for you there is an app (for Android and iPhone)! You can use the Hallmark Card Rewards app to scan the barcode on the back of the card and you’re done. Or, you can report your purchases online by entering the UPC. As always, cards that you get at the actual Hallmark Gold Crown store or will automatically recorded for you when you use your Gold Crown rewards card.

Now, how about something a little fun and exciting! Starting today, every 100th new member, up to eight, to sign-up will receive $250! That’s eight chances to be rewarded just for signing up! Who couldn’t use a little extra free money? I mean the holidays are coming up… so what are you waiting for? Go…. sign up now!

Well? Did you sign up yet?

Disclosure: I’m just spreading the word about the cool new program from Hallmark… I don’t get anything in return for it. 

Give a card… Get a card…

I’m one of those odd people who looks forward to seeing what came in the mail each day because you never know what you’re going to get when you open that mailbox. We rarely get bills in the mail because my husband has all of that set up electronically so that only leaves the fun stuff to show up… like my monthly Birchbox, random things I’ve ordered online, and once in a while a fun letter or card. The latter is always unexpected and more welcome than anything else.

There is something special about getting a little note in the mail from someone. It puts a smile on my face and brightens my day and I hope that when I send one that it does the same for them. Physical mail is so much more than what an email could ever hope to be… when you take the time to find someone a special card or just write them a little note it shows that you were really thinking of them.


I joined up with some lovely ladies for the Karing Card Club where each month there is a theme and you’re paired up with another blogger and you send cards to one another based on that theme. In April, the theme was  happiness.  I had the perfect card lined up for happiness too thanks to the Hallmark Get Carded challenge.

my card

With the Hallmark Get Carded challenge I sent a card a day to 7 lucky people in hopes that I would brighten their day and put a smile on their face. And you know what… it worked! The feedback that I got from my friends was great! They never expected the card that they got and the note that I wrote made them laugh, giggle, and smile at the end of a busy day.

I’ll let you in on a little secret… I have cards put away in a box from my childhood. They’re birthday cards, Halloween cards, Thanksgiving cards, and cards for all sorts of reasons from my family. Each and every one of them holds a special place in my heart.

card inside

You can take part in both the Hallmark Get Carded Challenge AND the Karing Card Club! May’s theme is Friendship. To participate in the card exchange, click here and fill out the form by May 17th and encourage your friends to join in the fun and spread the word using the #karecard when using Twitter.

You can use the discount code BLOG30 to buy cards for 30 % off on throughout the year to help spread some smiles!

I was provided a great assortment of cards & stamps by Hallmark to take part in the Get Carded Challenge but all thoughts, opinions, and crazy mail checking is all mine.

One for every occasion

Every year without fail I would get a birthday card from all my grandparents, my parents, and my friends and every year I would put those cards in a special place and kept them safe.

Every year I would get a card for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter. You name it and a card was sent from either one of my grandparents or parents. Each card was carefully selected just for me and then sent out with love. And each of those cards joined those that came before it and put in the special place where all my cards were stored.

To this day I have cards that stretch back more than 20 years and each one of them holds a special place in my heart. Once in a while I pull them out and look through them… remembering my grandma through her perfect signature on each card or the special holidays that I missed spending with my dad because my parents were divorced. Each card reminds me of how much each of them loved me and it warms my heart.

English: self made

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I love getting something in the mail other than a the normal junk mail and of course the bills (who doesn’t?). I like that someone took the time to think of me and that they went out of their way to get a card that spoke to them.

I also love sending cards and little notes to my friends and family and hope that they get enjoyment out of them as well. I hope that it brightens their day a little bit when they open the mail box and see that envelope addressed to them, by hand. I hope that they know how special they are to me.

I know that there is a card for every occasion. Birthday, holidays, weddings, and everything in between. Without a doubt I can always find that special card I’m looking for no matter what it’s for.

A while ago Hallmark gave me along with other writers from Just Be Enough, some cards for their Get Carded Challenge. The Get Carded Challenge was part of Hallmark’s Life is a Special Occasion campaign, which encourages all of us to push the “pause” button on the blur of daily life and think about the beauty of unplanned, perfectly imperfect moments we share with those who mean the most to us.

Going through all the cards that I was sent made me smile as I read each one and planned out who I would send each of them to. I knew that my friends and family would love them… and I was right. The calls, tweets, and messages I was sent all confirmed what I already knew. I brought a smile to their faces and made their days a little more enjoyable! Mission complete.

Do you still send cards out for birthday, holidays, or any day?

**Hallmark provided cards to use with the Get Carded challenge. No compensation was received for this post.  All opinions are my own.