The Holiday Wish List

It’s that time of the year again… time to ask the kids to make their holiday wish lists. The teens procrastinate and finally throw something together last minute… the toddler wants everything that he can set his little hands on, and then there’s the tween. She will make the never ending list complete with notes all over the page.

Last year Lauren’s list was written on lined paper but it was all over the place and was difficult to discern what she was talking about in some cases. Mostly because she couldn’t remember the name of the thing she wanted and just wrote a paragraph to describe it. Needless to say she had to re-write it for us.

This year is a whole new story though because I found the most awesome website! is the answer to my prayers! Lauren is able to login, search for all the things that she could possibly want, and then add them to her own wish list.


So why was Gift Birdy created? I’ll let the founders tell you in their own words.

We created Giftbirdy in response to constant queries from our (very sweet) parents as to what they might gift their grandchildren for birthdays and holidays. At the same time, we were receiving emailed lists of desired gifts from our kids. Throw in years of battling frenzied crowds, no parking signs and depleted brick-and-mortar stores, seeing well-intended gifts unwrapped then never used and an enduring struggle to get kids to write thank-you notes, and the opportunity for a better way became obvious.  We hope that Giftbirdy will be a helpful and enriching tool that makes your lives easier and more fun.

Aside from there are a lot of other great features.

Like it’s free! Who doesn’t like free services especially when they help us out when it comes to figuring out gifts!

It’s safe, secure, and has no advertising. As a parent it’s important to know that any account that my child uses is safe and Gift Birdy is working with Truste to assure they are COPPA compliant.

So what does Lauren think about it? She loves it! She was easily able to figure out how to use it, play games, and share her list with me and her grandparents with little to no directions from me. That’s a win!

Gift Birdy is charitable too!

Giftbirdy Giveback, a program that encourages compassion and philanthropy by encouraging children to add a small donation to a children’s charity to their gift list. And to set a good example, Giftbirdy has pledged to donate a percentage of profits to a variety of deserving non-profit organizations that work tirelessly on behalf of children.

I highly recommend checking out Gift Birdy and if you’re still not sure check out their intro video that highlights some of the awesome features they have.

This is a sponsored post from One2One Network and Gift Birdy. All opinions stated are my own.