A somewhat random act of kindness

Last week the wonderful Wendy Nielsen shared this new series, 31 Day Blog Challenge, with those of us in a Facebook group (amazing group by the way). My first thought was cool! I can do this and then reality quickly set in and I realized that’s 31 days of blog posts…. 31 days straight.

Not happening. I mean I can barely squeak out the three posts that I do each week, but what I can do is use the prompts for the days that I do post because some of them are pretty good and today’s is worth writing about.

You’re Last Random Act of Kindness.

So the first thing that came to my mind was a trip that I took to McDonalds a few months ago to get my much loved Diet Coke. The local McDonalds made these changes that are supposed to speed up service and make things easier…. they made two lanes in which to place orders… but I think that they’re worse.

Here’s the story. I pulled up into my lane, ordered, and in that time another car pulled up in the one next to me and they thought that they were going to cut in front of me even though I was there first and was already pulling forward. Of course I wasn’t letting that happen! I made sure that they didn’t cut and of course they were all pissy about it. Then again they were teen/early 20’s boys.

be kinder

Courtesy of Pinterest

I could see them pointing, gesturing, and talking with one another and loud enough so I could hear them. I knew that they were mad but I didn’t care because they tried to shove me out of the way. Jerks. So what was my random act of kindness?

I pulled forward and paid for my order and then let the cashier know that I’d pay for theirs as well. I moved up to the next window with a somewhat smug smile on my face. As I took my Diet Coke I watched closely in my review mirror as the cashier let the guys know that I had paid for their order. They laughed, waved, and yelled thanks.

It wasn’t totally random. I did it for a couple reasons… 1) out of spite and 2) to kill them with kindness and 3) to prove that there was no reason to be jerks. Did they learn anything from the situation? Probably not but I felt better about the situation and got a bit of a laugh out of it.

Have you ever done a random act of kindness?