Chris Mann, Pasta, Football, & My Week

Well, it’s Friday again and that makes me (and a lot of others I think) pretty darn happy! The weekend is here and it’s time to relax, kick back with family, or get everything done that you didn’t get to throughout the week.

First of all, I really want to share with you this great new album by Chris Mann that I’ve been listening to this week. It’s amazing! Well, it is if you like a softer, more classic style of music. I love it… my kids on the other hand did not. To me he has a sound and style that is totally unique to him and not like all of the pre-packaged pop/top 40 music that you hear on the radio these days. And not to say that other artists don’t have talent…. but they have nothing on the smooth voice of Chris Mann that’s for sure.

When I first got the CD I wasn’t sure what to expect and assumed that all the music on it was his own and then I started listening to it and found that a few of the songs were remakes. I’m not of fan of remade songs simply because they’re never the same as the original, but his interpretation of them was great. It actually took me a couple minutes to realize the song I was listening to was one I was very familiar with (and liked)!

Have you heard of Chris Mann before? If not you can listen to a bit of his new album or you can just buy his new album on iTunes or Amazon.

That’s not all! This has been a pretty decent week over all! I finally shared my chicken noodle soup recipe (and homemade broth) using those amazingly delicious pasta from Al Dente that I got at the Mitten Moms conference last month…. it’s definitely a must try.

What else? Oh yea… I put out a plea for help finding a bow tie for Andrew to go with the suit I had to buy him. Seriously, shopping for little boys is a challenge.

And to round out the week there was some Wordful Wednesday pumpkin carving fun! I’d share pics of my kids all dressed up in their Halloween finery but it was cold and rainy here so we pretty much skipped the trick or treating thing other than heading to grandmas & other family members homes.

I almost forgot about the football!! Our local high school football team has done so great this year… like better than they ever have! So good that they’re in the playoffs for state championship for their district! So on Friday evening we’ll be traveling to cheer them on and watch our marching band perform again!

One last thing…. I know that this wasn’t this past week but I really want to share how great the Cinch program is! Take a look at my update!

This is a review post from One2One Network. I was provided with a copy of the album and I am eligible for a prize drawing. All opinions stated are my own of course.