Marlow & the Monster Book Review

I recently had the opportunity to review an incredible new children’s book called Marlow and the Monster and I must say that it’s great!

Marlow & the Monster

Marlow is a little boy who has an annoying monster visit him regularly and of course the monster thinks that he’s scary… but he’s not. The monster spends a lot of time frustrating Marlow and getting him in trouble because no matter what Marlow does he can’t seem to get his parents to believe him. They keep insisting that monsters simply do not exist.

So what does any little boy do? Well, he pawns the monster off on his little sister, Sarah. The monster scares Sarah at first and Marlow finds himself in trouble but ultimately it’s his little sister who figures out what to do with the monster.

What’s unique about this book is that it is drawn in quill pen and ink with only the monster in bright colors. Andrew and I have read it several times and to get through the entire book I ask him to find the monster on each page. At 2 years old he probably doesn’t fully understand the story but he loves it and brings it to me every day to read.

The book shows that monsters don’t have to be scary and that sometimes they’re silly, funny, and our friends. We’ve never had many issues with monsters under the bed or in the closet but this book would be perfect for parents trying to dispel the scary monster worries that their kids may have.

Marlow and the Monster is the 4th book by author Sharon Cramer. She just finished her first full length novel, The Execution, and is working on a young adult, fantasy series called The Cerulean Star.

You can learn more about Sharon by visiting her website, Facebook Fan Page, or Twitter.

Would you like a copy of Marlow and the Monster? Well it’s FREE this week on Amazon! If you don’t have a Kindle you can download the software to your computer and read it that way! It’s Windows and Mac compatible.

I received a copy of Marlow and the Monster to review. As always thoughts and opinions are all my own.