Lessons Learned – Camping Edition

Yesterday was my first day back after more than a week away. A long week…

There are a few things that I learned (in no particular order) and I’ll let you decide if they’re good, bad, or neither.

lessons learned - camping edition

1. No matter how much food you pack and what you plan someone will complain that there is nothing to eat and want to go to the store.

2. You tell everyone to pack for 9 days. Do laundry while you’re camping and they still run out of clothes.

3. Toddlers never leave their shoes on. Never. No matter what you say.

4. When toddlers take their shoes off they lose them. Yes, lose them…. meaning my son doesn’t have tennis shoes and I have to go replace them.

5. As soon as I replace the lost tennis shoes they’ll turn up.

6. Even when you’re camping on grass, no sand/dirt in sight, and a paved road kids still look like they rolled in dirt by dinner time.

7. Campers hold a very small amount of hot water and kids need a bath almost every single night.


8. Your parents will let your kids get away with just about everything they didn’t let you do. This isn’t new though, right?

9. Even the biggest camper seems small with 6 people after a few days.

10. Best part about camping… spending the day at the beach.

day at the beach

11. Worst part about camping… being in a location where there is no internet access, no 4G, and barely enough edge service to send a text message. Thanks AT&T.

Overall it was a pretty good week because I was able to spend some quality time with my parents and my sister came home with her boys. And yes, it wasn’t all that bad disconnecting like that because I was able to spend a little time with my kids, my parents, and read two books.

So, now I play the catch up game. What’d I miss?

Wordful Wednesday ~ My Michigan Memory

A couple weeks ago we took a vacation in Mackinaw City at a local campground/resort that we can always seem to get into no matter how long we wait to make reservations. It’s a practically perfect place with the campsites facing the water and great views of the Mackinac Bridge & Island…. the only thing that keeps it from being perfect is all the rocks that are in the lake (water shoes are a must).

There was always a gentle breeze coming off the water and you can hear the sound of the waves crashing on the beach and evening bon fires on the beach where everyone could gather round and share their day along with some delicious s’mores.

around the bon fire

Our days weren’t just spent laying around the beach enjoying the beautiful view though! We took off and played tourist in our own state and headed up to the U.P.!

Whitefish Point

 Our first stop was at Whitefish Point on Lake Superior. The water here is crystal clear and as cold as ice…. it’s one of the great lakes that really never warms up and is home to many ship wreaks and the ship wreak museum. Just going there to spend some time on the beach is worth it because it is such a beautiful place and worth the drive.

But if you decide to go into the museum (which you should) this is one of the items that you’ll be impressed with… and the main reason that we went because my youngest daughter really wanted to see it.

This is the bell that was pulled up from the Edmund Fitzgerald that sunk in 1975…. I’m sure that if you’ve ever listened to the radio you’ve heard the song about the ship wreak made famous by Gordon Lightfoot.

Edmund Fitzgerald Bell

Our next stop on our trip was Tahquamenon Falls.. or just the upper portion since the kids were getting tired and hiking wasn’t something that they wanted to do more of that day. Just a fact or two for you… the upper falls is one of the largest waterfalls east of the Mississippi and has a drop of nearly 50 ft and is more than 200 ft across.

I just like going to take in the beauty of it and to hike the trails that follow it. 

Tahquamenon Falls

When were were there it was hot but there was a cool breeze coming off through the gorge and you could smell the pine trees…. it was such a clean, fresh scent. A smell that tells you that you are truly up north!

I leave you with one final picture… the evening sunset over the Mackinac Bridge.

sunset over the bridge

 Have taken a family vacation yet? What did you do?

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