Brica Review & Giveaway!

Ever since my son toss my iPhone across Kohl’s and shattered the screen I’ve been looking for all sorts of ways to protect my precious iPhone. Of course he still wants to use it and play some of his favorite games and watch Dinosaur Train on the PBS app and every time he touches it I get a little nervous.

But now I don’t worry quite so much. Why? Well because I have Brica!


Brica creates great products that help us as parents make things just a little easier. They have products for the house, the car, the stroller, bath, and travel. One of those products that has helped me so much has been the phone pod. I LOVE this thing!

phone pod

At first I wasn’t sure how often I’d use it but it’s always on the stroller or bike! I use my phone to track how many miles I run/walk or bike and this thing is perfect for holding my phone while I’m on the go. I can also attach it to the front of the stroller so Andrew can play with the phone, but so far I’ve used it just for me. The only down side is that no matter how tight I get it after a while the pod turns and my phone ends up facing down towards the ground. Oh… just an FYI… it does not work if you have an iPhone in an Otter Box case. I switched cases and now have a LifeProof case and it works great.

brica products

The snack pod is pretty cool too! I clipped that thing to the car seat and my son thought that it was awesome that he could put his cup in ┬áit and take it out whenever he wanted. Downside… he loves it so much that he brought it in the house and now I can’t find it. He claimed it as his…. I’m sure that it’s buried in with his toys somewhere in the house.

The snack pod can be attached to most anything just like the phone pod and to make it just a little bit better… it’s dishwasher safe.

Both of these are made of solid plastic that can’t be bent, dented, or otherwise (my toddler has tried!).

Interested in getting these two incredible products for yourself? Well, it’s your lucky day! I am giving away both the deluxe snack pod and the phone pod!

You can find these great products in Target, Babies R Us, Amazon and at!

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I received both of the products mentioned above to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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