Welcome to Tuesday!

Thank you Emmy for guest posting today while I’m off enjoying my vacation!

Today I am visiting Animal Kindgom down in Orlando and having lots of fun! But I have Emmy here today and she is sharing her boycation memories with you. Boycation… this is  new word to me and I hope that it’s something that I never, ever have to do with my girls! Emmy… your mom was great for doing this! 

Not sure what I’m talking about? Read on!

What is your dream vacation?   When I was younger growing up in the Midwest, I dreamed of an exotic vacation to a place with a magical mouse called Disney World.  Then the dreams changed to vacations to another country or tropical island.  Now as a mom, sitting on a beach by myself reading a book would be enough for me!

Why do you go on a vacation?  To visit family, to get away, to see something new?  As a child I never did make it to Disney World or an exotic island.  Our vacations usually consisted of loading all 8 of us into our over sized van and driving cross country to visit grandparents or loading all 8 of us into the van so we could all cram into a tent while camping in an extraordinary destination called “Wisconsin”….  Yeah.

But then, there were the vacations for boys.  No, not for my brothers- but boys, boys I liked.

There was this cool new thing called the Internet.  I remember sneaking upstairs to get on the computer; though sneaking was futile as these were the days of dial-up, everyone and their dog knew I was on the computer when that started up.  I had my own email address and was dying just to get an e-mail, it was so fascinating and new.  I even found a site for making friends, created a profile and was soon chatting with a nice teenage boy from Wisconsin (ironic much).  Soon we were e-mail chatting back and forth, I would write a sentence hit send, wait for his reply, he would write back; we did this for hours.

We decided we really wanted to meet.  I don’t remember how in the world we managed to talk both of our parents into the fact that it would be a good idea to meet, but soon it was arranged.  My mom, my little sister and I made the several hour drive across the state boarder to Wisconsin to meet this mysterious guy.

I know!!   Now as a mother myself, even typing this makes me shudder.  What was my mom thinking??  What was I thinking?   Well I know what I was thinking, I was a teenage girl–so I wasn’t.

Thankfully he was just who I thought he was and we had a great time together.  We stayed at his family’s house and they were all super kind and nice.  Time and distance and his mom being scared we liked each other too much ended that relationship.

This was the first of many “boycations”.   There was the trip to Ohio to see the boy I met at a church youth conference, there were the boy(s) I drove out to Indiana to see, there was even this one crazy guy and his brothers who drove all the way from Oregon to meet me and of course my long distance boyfriend in Missouri.

Oh teenagers.  Sometimes it amazes me that I made it through my teenage years intact.

Relaxation, family, chance to see new exotic places, and of course boys isn’t that what vacations are all about?

Thanks Jackie for letting me take over your place today!  I hope you have a wonderful time at Disney, my childhood self is very jealous.

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