Bloggy Bootcamp ~ Why I want to go

You may have noticed all the tweets yesterday with the hashtag #bloggybootcamp… well that’s because it was Bloggy Bootcamp Day and they had an awesome Twitter party full of fun prizes including tickets to a Bloggy Bootcamp of your choice! Well, I didn’t win but that’s alright because I still have another chance! All I have to do is simply write a post stating what I loved about the Bloggy Bootcamp event and why I’d like to come back.

So what did I love about it? Honestly, I loved everything about it from the smaller group, assigned seating, meeting all the great women who make up the SITS girls, all the awesome bloggers who attend, and of course the wine party.

When I got there I’ll admit that I was nervous. Would anyone have even heard of my blog… would they like me… my mind filled of what if’s and worries. But they were unnecessary… The women I met were very open and welcoming. I could just be me and relax!

But what really stuck out was how open and real the SITS girls were. They took the time to talk to everyone and really listen and this is something that I don’t think that you would get at other conferences. Even after the conference was over Tiffany took the time out of her day to speak with me and help me work towards my goals. I was honored and felt like she actually cared…. this kind of attention is something that you will never get from any other conference.

Friends, dear friends. It’s amazing that there are so many great bloggers, who I am happy to call my friends, that live no more than 2 hours from me. But you know what… we never get together! But we have a great time when we’re at Bloggy Bootcamp!

You’ll also find new people and create lasting friendships. You’ll find your tribe and laugh more than you ever thought possible.

cool crowd

The Cool Crowd

I have pages upon pages of notes from my weekend at Bloggy Bootcamp and several more from my call with the beautiful Tiffany Romero. Notes that I’ve looked over time and again just to remind myself of all that I’ve learned and the goals that I am working towards.

Myself, Amy, and Julie at Sears Tower

Myself, Amy, and Julie at Sears Tower

I would love to go to again to learn, grow, meet new people, and have fun with my Michigan friends.

Have you been to a Bloggy Bootcamp? What do you think of it?