Rockin’ the Bump ~ Professional Style!

I saw this little linky that Shell from Things I Can’t Say was hosting and had to play along!

Why… well first of all I finally have a few awesome pics of me while I was pregnant that don’t make me look totally like a beached whale! That alone is reason enough, right?

So when I was pregnant with Andrew a good friend of mine wanted to use me as a test dummy subject since she is a photographer and wanted to get some more people in to do maternity shoots. I was game, so we scoured the internets for poses that weren’t on the edge of porn and came up with a few ideas that were tasteful (meaning I didn’t strip down naked).

Now, I do have the more typical pics of me at my shower and things like that but I just don’t look as good in those pictures as I do in these and that is why I’m sharing the professional pictures instead of the blah… shower ones.

This is one of my favorites! It looks like I have very little on but in reality I have jeans & a cardigan on.

Maternity Pic

One of the things that I liked about my maternity pictures was that I was still able to wear my non-maternity clothing! I was even able to button up the jeans below my huge belly.

Maternity Pic

I’m not the best model… it was hard for me to do all the poses and looks that she wanted without laughing and honestly I tried really hard! Here is me making my attempt at being a bit more serious looking.

Maternity Pic

So there ya have it! Me Rockin’ the Bump!