Bare Fruit Review & Giveaway

I love fruit, especially fresh fruit when I can get it at the local farmers market but living in Michigan we only get a couple months of fresh local produce. And this year…. well this year the fresh apples are pretty slim due to the crazy weather we had this spring.

So when I don’t want to pay almost $10 for apples but want something that is still delicious and nutritious? What do I try? Dried fruit of course!

I recently had the chance to try Bare Fruit organic, bake-dried cinnamon apples. Oh my… let me tell you that these things are great!


They’re full of fresh apple flavor, light, and crisp with just a bit of cinnamon taste. They’re the perfect snack for after school, on the go, or while watching a movie. Honestly… this is the one snack that my toddler doesn’t seem to like so I have lots for me!


The bag is packed full of full sized apple slices… not all of those little broke up pieces that you sometimes get in bags of dried fruit or chips. I should mention that these chips are really chips… they’re super crisp. Not chewy or tough like some dried fruit tends to be.


Bare Fruit also has fuji apple chips, granny smith apple chips, dried cherries, dried mangoes, and dried pears in addition to the cinnamon apple chips…. all 100% organic fruit. They don’t use any additional preservatives or chemicals and they control the entire process from the orchard through the bake-dried processing.

What do you think of dried fruit?

Want to give it a try?

Yea? Perfect!

You can win a case of cinnamon apple chips! 12 bags (63g (2.02oz) each) of apple chips to enjoy any time you want!

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