Surviving a Winter Storm in Michigan

Hello there! Did you think that I had fallen off of the face of the earth? Well, I didn’t but I did take a little break from blogging and all the social media stuff that is involved with it. It was really nice too and I never felt rushed or pressured to get something written.

Anyway, I’m back but probably in more of a limited fashion…. you know, just getting my toes wet more or less.

So how to survive a winter storm in Michigan… I’m sure that you’ve seen the million Facebook updates from people across the mid-west and the tweets as well about the rain, ice, snow, blowing, drifting, and let’s not forget the sub-zero temps that keep us locked up in our homes for fear of frost bite within mere minutes.

Michigan winter 2

I have a few tips to help you survive a winter storm in Michigan… or where ever you live.

These are in no particular order.

1. Totally forget how to drive in the ice and snow. This is especially important to those of you in Michigan and even more so if you’ve lived here your entire life.

2. Wait until the last minute and then rush to the store and stock up on all the essential items you’ll need. Like chips, beer, and wine. Skip the real food.

3. Realize that you don’t have real food and go out in the midst of the storm and shop for real food.

Michigan winter 1

4. Stalk everyone you know on Facebook. Get bored with that and find new friends on Facebook to stalk.

5. Try to remember what a normal day is like where the kids actually go to school and you can go to work.

6. When the county gives the all clear and the state of emergency has been lifted go outside and stare in wonder at the world of glass that you live in. Trees covered in ice are actually very pretty when the sun shines through them.

Michigan winter 3

7. Make sure that your snow shovels are securely put away in the shed so that when you need them you can’t because there is a three foot snow drift in front of the door.

8. Use the spaded shovel that wasn’t put away to attempt to remove the knee deep drift that’s at your door. Toss the shovel and give up quickly.

9. When driving on a snow covered road always go very slow and drive in the very middle of the road. It doesn’t matter what kind of car or truck you have either.  Oh… only move over a little bit if you see an oncoming car.

10. Make sure that you have a generator. Maybe two just in case the first one dies.

Now, if you hadn’t noticed some of these are a bit tongue in cheek. Funny, but definitely things that I’ve seen or have happened to me or have done and no, I’m not telling you which(s).