Simpli Stamped Review & Giveaway

I love hand stamped jewelry because it’s unique and customized just for me… or you. What’s even better is when another blogger is taking that hand stamped jewelry and making it her career. I applaud Amber for following her dream and working towards a career where she is able to be at home with her kids.

When Amber put out the call to everyone on Twitter for some help promoting her new jewelry business, Simpli Stamped,  I offered to help and after I took at look at what she had on her website I was really impressed!

When my bracelet came in the mail I fell in love with it and so did my daughter! As a matter of fact she nabbed it and had it on her wrist before I even realized what was going on and no joke here… I had to practically pry it off of her! She really wanted me to give it to her…. instead I offered to get her one of her own.

The jewelry is all hand crafted and made of sterling silver. Each piece can be customized just for you too! Maybe it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just because… regardless of the reason the person that you’re giving a beautiful hand stamped piece of jewelry to is sure to love it!


"amor vincit omnia" which means, love conquers all

So how did Amber get started? Well, how about I let her tell you in her own words.

There was a gift store that I used to visit often. I would walk along the aisles gazing at all the beautiful little trinkets. I would reach out and open boxes and lift up items to admire them. Towards the middle of the store were two shelves that had christening gifts on them. In one of the little boxes was a tiny bracelet that said “Jesus loves me”. I walked by that bracelet every time I went in the store. And every time I had to talk myself out of buying it for “someday”. When the time came that I was having my own little one, the bracelet was long gone. Shortly after my son was born, my very good friend gave birth to a daughter who was diagnosed with a grave illness. Many times I tried to find a sweet little bracelet like the one I had seen so many years before. When the time came that my friend was attempting to adopt a child, I decided that I would learn how to make a bracelet for their soon to be child. Instead of putting Jesus loves me on the bracelet, I decided to put “I am Loved”. This has always been a special phrase to me, reminding me that I was truly loved… no matter what. I knew this child would be loved like no other child had, and I wanted to reflect in the gift I was going to give. The bracelet I gave my friend was the first one I made. I knew then that I had found something I was passionate about and had a talent for. The shop was built from love and each of the items in my shop has been inspired by love.


Beautiful, right?

I know that you want to go check out all the beautiful items that Amber has! So here’s how…

Check out her Website
Follow her on Facebook
Chat with her on Twitter

And for all you my lovely readers I have something special. Amber has graciously given me a discount code for all of you to use an anything that you would like, custom pieces included! All you have to do is enter BITOFMAGIC when you check out and you will get 10% off of your order! This is good until July 31, 2012.

How would you customize your favorite piece?

Now for the giveaway part!! Enter below to win an item of your choice from Simpli Stamped up to $55.00! The giveaway ends on July 1 when a winner will be selected and have 24 hours to respond. If I don’t get a response another winner will be selected.

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