Simple Green Laundry Detergent Review & Giveaway

With 6 people in my family the pile of laundry that I have is never ending and it seems that just as soon as I get caught up someone brings more down to the laundry room.

Oh… and I have to say that my favorite is that when the girls clean their rooms and all of a sudden find a huge basket of clothes that need to be washed. Let’s not forget about all the towels & bedding… and of course the potty training toddler. But with all of the laundry that I do I don’t really have a favorite laundry detergent… there are a few requirements though.

  1. no bleach in it
  2. smells good
  3. get stains out the first time
  4. works in my front loader
  5. good price

See, nothing to difficult…. or so one would think. Well, that’s not the case because I haven’t found that one that I must buy all the time no matter what. That being the case when Simple Green contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying out their new laundry detergent I agreed. Their other products that I really like using around the house and are always reliable.

A few quick facts about this new Simple Green laundry detergent. It’s naturally derived formula that is biodegradable, has no added dyes or scents, and contains no allergens, asthmagens, phosphates, chlorine, or optical brighteners. It’s a powerful 2x formula that is gentle on your skin and clothing, but works great on stains. Also, it works well in hot or cold water, in your HE or regular washer, giving you the option to use just cold water to save money!

Simple Green Laundry Detergent

Now the down side is that it isn’t yet available in stores, but it will be later this year in 100oz bottles that will do up to 100 HE (high efficiency) loads of laundry! Bring it on kids!! (I should just teach them how to do it, huh?) Although I should mention that you can buy it online now! If you want to buy it now I have a great deal for you! You can get free shipping on your entire order through August 31st that includes the new Simple Green laundry detergent, when you use the code BLOG2012.

I gave the laundry detergent a try and overall it was really good! I only used a small amount even on the largest, dirtiest loads (think clothes from a week of camping) and everything came out  looking great! It took the funky smell out of the towels, got out the layers of dirt that my toddler got on his clothes while playing. The only thing that I didn’t really like was the lack of smell, but that was overcome with a bit of fabric softener.

Want to win a bottle?? Just use the easy Rafflecopter below!

First… a few rules.
  1. Winner must be in the US
  2. Winner must be over 18 years old
  3. Winner must provide address (No PO boxes)

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