She’s growing up

The first years pass so quickly and you find yourself saying we’ll do this and that and suddenly you feel like you’ve lost a few years and haven’t done any of those things.

Today my youngest daughter is 9! There are times I look at her and wonder where those precious years have gone and if I’ve missed something special. I know that I haven’t though.


My happy 2 yr old

Today she is a bright, lovable, and fun little girl. I don’t know if I could love her anymore than the day I had her.

Lauren 2

She's also silly!

My hope is that she grows up knowing how much we all love and adore her.

My hope is that nobody ever tells her that she can’t do something she really wants to try.

My hope is that she is always happy.

My hope is that she enjoys her childhood to the fullest extent.

My hope is that her life is always filled with friends and family who love her.

Lauren - Meijer Gardens

At Meijer Gardens

She’s a beautiful little girl and I love her dearly! Happy birthday!