S.H.I.T. ~ So Happy It’s Thursday!!

So I’m doing something different than I planned. You see I was going to do the great prompt that Mama Kat has this week and then remembered that my great friend Rusti has a link up, So Happy It’s Thursday, and figured that I’d play along with this week because I for one am pretty happy that it’s Thursday!

It’s been a long week and I’ve spent almost every evening chasing a toddler who thinks the house is his play ground or jungle gym. Falling and getting hurt is very common around here. Between that, homework, a job, and everything in between I’m glad that we’re closer to the weekend. So I thought that I’d list a few reasons why I’m happy!

  • This week Thursday is my Friday!
  • On Friday I’m going on a field trip with my youngest daughter, Lauren.
  • Saturday is my birthday!! And this is my last birthday in my 30’s. After this I quit aging and am forever young.
  • Saturday we’re celebrating Natalie’s (middle daughter) 12th birthday by having 5 of her friends over for dinner, going to see The Lion King 3D, and then they’re all staying the night. You’re jealous aren’t you?
  • I am really close to talking my husband into going to Blissdom this year!
  • I finally finished the first draft of my business plan.
  • We are one day closer to the official first day of fall!! And fall is my favorite time of year!
  • Thursday is the day before payday.

Are you happy that it’s Thursday? Tell me why! Better yet link up!