Revolting Wednesday!

I’ve been on and off this weight loss wagon ever since finishing the Shaklee 180 program and I’ve been trying to get rid of these last 10 – 20 pounds and it’s been so difficult. I will admit that I haven’t made the best choices when it has come to what I eat at meal time or snacks. Then there is the “witching” hour when I get home from work and it’s before dinner… I get the munchies. I will snack on just about anything that I can get my hands on and then add to that the holidays and weight came creeping back.


Now, I am doing great! I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to join a group of great bloggers who are working on the Revolt Fitness program!

Revolt is a total fitness plan that is a combination of workouts and meal plans to get you in shape 6 weeks. The workouts are led by Nichole and change from week to week and follow a similar routine where there are 3 days of cardio, 1 day of lower body strength training, and 1 day of upper body strength training with two days off in between. These workouts are not easy…. not at all and they’re designed to get proven results. I have had days where it hurt like hell to sit down because my leg muscles were very sore and this is after going to the gym regularly.

I started the diet with a detox which was meant to help my body rid it of the effects of all the sugar I eat. I’m here to tell you that it was a rough week… and I followed it pretty closely except for one day where I messed up. Now, I’m on the next phase and have been able to increase the types of foods that I’m able to eat and there is even dessert. Yum!!

I will be following the program for the full six weeks and will be sharing my thoughts and progress each week. Below are my stats from the start of the program on April 29th and they’re similar to what they were at the end of the Shaklee 180 program except for the weight… that’s a little higher. As I get a little braver and whole lot more fit I’ll be sharing some pictures of my progress (my initial pics were shared in a private FB group and even that was a challenge).

My goals are to fit into a size 10, lose the baby belly, and look fit and tone overall.

Height: 5’8″
Weight: 160lbs
Chest: 32in
Waist: 31.5in
Hips: 43in
R. Arm: 12.5in
L. Arm: 12in
R. Thigh: 22.5in
L. Thigh: 21.5

You can join Revolt at any time for $9.99 a month of course you can cancel at anytime but after seeing the results you’ll want to keep with the program.

 I was chosen as a Revolt Fitness Program blogger and received free membership to try the program out. All opinions, pics, aches & pains are my very own.