Photo Booth Fun

My kids have found the fun and excitement of playing with Photo Booth on my Mac. Any time that I leave it unattended you can be sure that at least one of them will be playing with it.
For me it’s a surprise to open it up and see all the new photos and videos that they’ve done, some are cute and others are just weird!
This is a really good one that Natalie took of her self.

And this is my oldest Caitlin, posing for the Mac camera! You can see that they always use one of the special effects that are available.

And here we have Super Baby! Or my youngest, and only son, Andrew. I was actually present for this ‘photo shoot’ and there were many pictures and videos taken that afternoon of Super Baby.

As I went through the pictures I realized that there wasn’t one of my youngest daughter, Lauren. And then I figured it out…. she just takes long videos of herself riding a roller coaster or swimming in the ocean with the fish!