One Night

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It was a rainy night in Dusseldorf when Jake walked out of the pub. He knew that he had to much to drink already but he was having the time of his life with his college buddies. The night was still young and they moved on to the next place just down the street, this one was more lively then the last and was sure to be entertaining.

The smoke filled room was packed with crowds of young people all drinking large mugs of beer. Laughter could be heard over the voices.. mens and womens mingled together in a melody that was enticing and could brighten any bad mood in moments.

Jake and his friends easily moved towards the bar and ordered their drinks as they scoped out the room.

Brian laughed as he nudged Jake. “What about that one?” He said gesturing to a tall, dark haired girl sitting at the end of the bar with a couple of other girls.

Jake nodded, “Yea, she’s not bad.”

Brian almost snorted beer out of his nose. “Not Bad! Hell… if you don’t go talk to her I will!”

Jake looked at his friend with a raised eye brow. “I’m sure that Jess would love that,” he said referring to Brian’s fiance. He took another drink of his beer and with liquid courage coursing through his veins Jake made his way over to the beautiful brunette across the bar.

Mandi took another drink of her beer as he approached and then greeted him with a smile.

“Hi,” Jake said returning her smile. “I’m Jake.”

“Mandi,” she replied holding her hand out to him.

Jake took her hand in his gently, it was so soft, delicate, and beautifully feminine, and gave it a small shake. “You’re American?” He said noticing her voice and accent when she spoke to him.

“Yes, as are you,” she replied. “I’m here studying for a year before returning to Yale.”

Jake looked impressed. “Nice, what are you studying?” He asked before taking another drink of his beer.

Jake spent the rest of night talking with Mandi and before he knew it he had invited her back to his hotel. They fell into each others arms as soon as they were in the door knowing that it was the alcohol that was allowing them to act on their urges.


The light was streaming through the windows so brightly that Jake had to roll over to keep the light from causing his head from pounding more. As he moved he felt the warm, soft flesh of a person next to him causing his eyes to open quickly.

Fear ran through his body faster than anything ever had as he tried to remember the night before.

She rolled over towards him and opened her eyes slowly. Their eyes met with the same startled look.

Mandi sat up quickly pulling the sheets up to cover her naked body. “What the hell happened last night?”

“I.. I’m not sure,” Jake replied.

Write On Edge: Red-Writing-Hood

This week’s prompt was a challenge for this opening line; “It was a rainy night in Dusseldorf…”

Well… How did I do? I’m trying to fill in some of the holes in the storyline and this piece ties directly to this one.