A new way to peruse the magazines with issuu

I was selected for this opportunity as part of the Girls’ Lunch Out network. All views expressed are entirely my own, and were not influenced or directed by either Girls’ Lunch Out or Issuu.

If you haven’t figured it out yet I love cooking and baking. If you weren’t sure take a peak at the incredible Fall Favorites series that I’ve been running for the past month or even my weekly Monday Menu. It’s not just writing about food or making food that I like, but it’s always buying fun cookbooks to flip through and drool over the amazing recipes and beautiful pictures. And then there is my guilty pleasure…. magazines. Cooking & baking magazines fill the shelves and change every month so there is always something new for me to try out but as you might guess those can get pretty expensive after a while.

I’ve found a way to help with my food magazine obsession… issuu. And after reading it a few times it started to recommend articles and magazines to me based on what I’ve been reading.


Because food is one of my passions I found magazine after magazine to browse and my all time favorite was this one….

A week of Chai? Yes, please! I am not a coffee lover at all, but Chai tea is perfect! From traditional Chai, to Chai truffels, and hot chocolate Chai I’m trying to figure out how to print this baby out and keep it forever!

So what exactly is issuu? Well, it’s like Pinterest for magazines – so cool!

Serving over 7 billion page views across 15 million publications to more that 80 million unique monthly visitors, Issuu is the fastest-growing digital publishing platform in the world and is rapidly becoming the place readers go to discover new content and publishers use to find a worldwide audience. Publishers can use the Issuu platform to upload visually rich content, and gain granular insight on reader characteristics and preferences and access to new business models.

Best of all is that it’s free!

Super Cool Features:

  • Detailed stats and analytics.
  • Timed launch/postponed publishing date.
  • Share to facebook, twitter and all major social sites.
  • All major document formats supported including PDF.
  • Embed widget, lets you embed great magazines right on your site.
  • Publications stored in their original format.
  • Up to 500 pages per publication.
  • Audio supported. Strike the right tone.
  • Robust SEO.
  • Industry leading Kbyte footprint.
  • Support and help center. Real-human support.
  • Javascript API and Search API for advanced site integration.

You’ll want to check issuu out for yourself, right?

Look ’em up on the usual places like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and of course their site.