Networking Tips – Review

Kludgy Mom

I’m not going to lie. This is hard. A lot harder than I had expected. There is so much to blogging if you want to make it successful and honestly it’s almost like a full time job. And I already have two full time job, one as a mom and two, my job that I go to daily that helps pay the bills.

My goal would be to not have the second one some day too. But that’s another story.

I was reading the top 10 networking tips for new bloggers that was for my size blog and should help me grow my blog. And that’s when I realized how much work it all actually is. I don’t think that I’m going to ever close that tab in my browser! That way I always have it open to refer to so I can make sure that I’m doing all I can to grow my blog. For now I think I need that kind of constant reminder.

Instead of picking just one item from the list and talking about how I put it to use I’d like to touch on each item briefly. It helps me solidify where I’m at and in a way makes me accountable to all of you for what I say I’m going to do.

1. Join and be active in several established blog networks.
This I have done and have been part of 2 or 3 of them for a while now. Blog Frog has to be my favorite my far though as there are so many communities to join, people to meet, and great information to be found. It’s been helpful to me when I was looking for a guest blogger too! I really would like to be more active though! In all of the networks. I need to figure out a good schedule for everything and stick to it!

2. Comment, comment, comment on blogs you love.
Done. I comment and I try to make sure that what I say in meaningful. Sometimes I get new visitors out of commenting and sometimes not. I keep at it though!

3. Participate in a Twitter hop.
This I haven’t done. I have taken part in a Twitter party & have found new blogs and new friends! I need to look into this more.

4. Search your favorite bloggers’ blogrolls
This has to be the easiest way to find great blogs to read! It also points out how interconnected we all our! This is something that I do often and especially on a new blog.

5. Get a badge
Funny thing… I just created one about a week or so ago! I also created a page with other people’s links & buttons to help keep things organized on the main page.

6. Develop a tribe
This is a great idea and I think that this just happens naturally. I’ve already found that a lot of the people that I follow & follow me have similar blogs. As in content, size, and feel of them. We’re all the same but different too!

7. Aim equal, not high with your networking
I have to admit that before they were mentioned in the post I had never heard of The Bloggess, Dooce, or The Pioneer Woman. Most of my networking started with the #31DBBB challenge and went from there.  I usually try to keep within my own realm! I have the best luck there.

8. Dedicate time each day to networking
I need to work on this. I usually have Tweetdeck open most of the day, but aside from that there isn’t much that I do especially when I’m at work. And on the weekends I’m usually busy and disconnected from it all. I think that 15 – 30 minutes total each day is the minimum that I’d like to put forward and will be including more than Twitter into my routine.

9. Don’t obsess over guest posting just yet
I admit. I did this. For a while it was all I was seeing on Twitter and on blogs! I put myself out there and I did it. I’ve had two guest bloggers and I love it! Maybe it’s something that I’d do once a month. This would add a bit for freshness to the blog and bring myself and my guest new readers.

10. Put yourself out there
This sounds like such a simple thing but it really isn’t. This is one of those things that takes a while to do. And admitting when you’re wrong… whew… that’s a hard pill for some to swallow! It’s a constant work in progress, but it will pay off I’m sure! For me, one of the hardest parts is just jumping in. I don’t want to sound like an idiot or something. I don’t want to say the wrong thing and be shunned. It’s something that I need to work on by just doing it. Right?

There is a lot that I have to work on and it will take me time and effort to do it. I’m willing to do it to! I know that someday my blog will be in a much better place, but right now I think it’s pretty good for having just started in May!