My week in a nutshell

Here’s your warning. This is just me rambling about nothing all that important or interesting. If you stick around to read it all thank you.. but you must have nothing else to do or are really bored. And if not, then no problem. I probably wouldn’t either!
And today starts another week! Oh joy… can’t wait to see what fun and excitement it will bring!
This past week was one busy day after another, but then again that’s really nothing to new around here. There’s always something going on!
Monday started out with an incredible migraine headache that forced me to stay home and because the gods were smiling down upon me I got to sleep in till 10:30am! Can you believe it?!?! Of course I still had the headache when I got up and it stuck with me all day. Eventually, I made it to the chiropractor and he made it all go away. I was happy. I could stand, sit, turn my head, and even blink with out major pain!
Nothing exciting must have happened Tuesday since I can’t remember it! So, let’s move on to Wednesday.
Wednesday is usually pretty busy because that’s piano night. And I normally stick around in town after work until my daughter’s lesson. But this time I couldn’t. She had left her notebook at home so we had to run all the way home and back to get it. So, I dropped her off and went home (again) and I swear within 30 minutes the phone was ringing…. she was done. Ready to come home! I should mention here that the lessons are supposed to be an hour long.
Friday was a trip! Aside from work the rest of the afternoon was running to get things for my daughters birthday party that night. I know… I know… I should have gotten the stuff sooner. I didn’t though.
We had a plan and were ready to get in and out of the store quickly. And then we tried to get the balloons. wow. Let me tell ya… it shouldn’t take 20 minutes to blow up 5 balloons and tie a damn string to them! Especially when you don’t blow them up all the way! Seriously, these were the most pathetic looking balloons I have ever seen in my entire life. They were small and the strings were all the same color and the exact same length. If the person doing the balloons were a woman then I know they would have looked a lot better!
Now as a bit of advice. Do not go to a corn maze at night with a bunch of kids. We’ve been to the maze before and it was great, but it was daytime. We spent more time lost and walking in circles than anyone else in that maze. The kids were all excited when they found one of the stops. It was #9. Somehow we missed the first 8! No big deal. We moved on and walked… and walked… and walked. And then there was another stop. It was #9. This happened one more time too!
I swear these kids had me totally bamboozled! They assured me they knew what they were doing. But I was pretty sure that we were never getting out of there! We were going to be spending the night in the corn maze!
Eventually, we found stops #10 & 12. And by that time I was over the whole maze thing. One of the workers was out there in the maze and helped us find our way out. My 8 yr old was very happy! She was done too and didn’t want to keep walking anymore!
There was one hell of a game of Marco Polo going on too! Although I’m not sure that it was a game as opposed to all the kids in the maze just yelling Marco Polo as they ran around. But all in all the kids had a great time and that’s all that matters right!
Saturday brought my husbands class reunion and Sunday was dinner with my parents. And as a warning…. do not give a baby red velvet cake. They will make a huge mess with it and turn everything in a 3 foot radius red.
And now that I write about it … I guess my week wasn’t that bad.

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