My little escape artist

Grocery shopping has become a nightmare for me. It’s not like I ever looked forward to or anything like that, but recently it’s gotten to be a major production.

You see my son has turned in an extraordinary escape artist. When we get to the store and I place him in the cart and then securely buckle the seat belt. But within a matter of minutes the child has turned around and is standing up. So we play this game, it’s great… you should try it, where I unbuckle him, place him back in the seat, rebuckle him and tell him to sit down so he doesn’t fall.

This doesn’t work. Ever. Apparently 9 month old little boys ignore their moms and do as they please. Now, little girls of the same age don’t do this. They sit nicely in the seat and don’t try to ponder ways to get out of the cart. I know this to be a fact because I have 3 older girls who never attempted this trick. Ever.

Yesterday was one of those trips to the grocery store. I took Andrew my little escape artist and his sister, Lauren aka Miss Never Stops Talking. You’re jealous right now, aren’t you?

The trip started out pretty good actually. But half way through this shopping expedition he decided that he didn’t want to sit in the seat anymore. So here’s the game we had to play. I got him seated, Lauren would talk to & play with him while I’d grab something off the shelf and then we’d move on the the next thing we needed and she’d do it again. More often than not though I was reseating him. People had to be wondering what kind of mom I was because there were times I’d just let him stand there with the belt around his thighs as I held on to him!

On to the check out. This was a nightmare. I loaded stuff on to the belt, dealt with the coupons, and tried to keep him in his seat while I tried to answer the clerk and tell my daughter that she didn’t need candy. I finally gave up and put him in the back of the cart. He seemed pretty happy there!

We checked out and I went to pick him up and realized that he peed through his diaper, onesie, and pants. A lot. He was soaked. We went home with him not wearing pants after that.

From now on I will avoid taking him to the grocery store with me at all costs! A quick trip is okay. Complete shopping for the week. Not a chance in hell!